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After purchasing the item, you need to use it on the corresponding Pokemon. If you need me to elaborate here's what i mean: You need to use the Shiny Stone on a 'Shiny' Pokemon.Ultra ball: ----------- Mmake sure to get at least 2 ultra balls to begin with to catch pokemon with at ll 24-30. Shiny articuno: --------------- buy six poke ball and log .UnovaRPG (Pokémon Indigo) Login IMPORTANT: If you had a Pokemon Indigo online game account you can login with your old credentials. Please insert your Username and Password for login into UnovaRPG.

In UnovaRPG, the player chooses a starter Pokémon when he/she creates an Pokémon Indigo era), possessing Shiny Starters was illegal and could get you .You need to use the Shiny Stone on a 'Shiny' Pokemon, you may go into 'Set up my team' and click on your Pokemon to do this, after clicking on it, scroll.Sep 11, 2010 Page 1 of 3 - UnovaRPG FAQs - posted in UnovaRPG English Forum: To get a shiny Pokemon you need to do the same thing.

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UnovaRPG is an Online Pokemon Game. We have created a little FAQ with categories and answers about most of your doubts with this game.Discussion on [FREE]UnovaRPG Gym Hack / Shiny Hack within the Pokemon forum part of the Other Online Games category.Either create one room with legendary Pokémon's using UnovaRPG Currency or roam around someone else's room which already have the .

This is My Top 5 Shiny Pokèmon From Generation 5! Note: This is all personal opinion, and if you are sensitive to anyones opinion, then please stop reading now, but thx for donating your time to read this Im just saying now. There were alot of good shinies in unova. I had atleast.Here is a list of the Pokémon that make up the Unova Pokédex (#494 - 649 in the National Pokédex) in their shiny forms. Sprites.The other requirement for getting the Shiny Haxorus is the completion of the Unova Pokédex. This means you will need to see every Pokémon on the list. You don't have to capture them all, but you have to have seen all 297 Pokémon in the Pokédex.