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I already have 14 badges and to get the last two I have to get past Snorlax. I know you're supposed to use the expansion card from lavender to play poke flute .

If you don't see the expn card, make sure that you have gone to the radio station in Goldenrod and answered the questions for the quiz the third lady at the counter is having. The answers are pokemap on pokegear =yes, nidorina= yes, poke craftsman= no,magikarp learning TM's= yes, marie being a talkshow host=.

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  1. for Pokemon Crystal on Game Boy (GB), or click the above links for more cheats. Get all of the questions right and recieve the RADIO CARD. TO GET THE .

  2. The item Poké Flute cannot be obtained in SoulSilver. However, there is a function similar to it. If the player restores power to the Power Plant in Kanto, the manager of the Radio Tower in Lavender City will give the player an EXPN Card, which allows the player to tune in on the Poké Flute channel on their PokéGear.

  3. card it automatly lets ur pokegear use the radio. goes as far 2 the right as possibly and its the pokeflute channel use that to wake snorelax Posted:.

Pokémon Gold Version and Silver Version are role-playing video games developed by Game Pokémon Crystal, a special edition, was released roughly a year later in A time system was introduced using a real-time internal clock that keeps map, radio, and phone, allowing the player to call other characters who offer .

You get the card in Lavender Town in Pokemon silver. First, fix the power plant and the stuff in cerulean city gym then go to the radio tower in lavender town. A man facing.

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Well you go to the power plant and talk to the manager he will be angry and say someone stole a part from the machine. When you leave the police guy will say a character is lurking around the cerulean gym go and a (guess who) a team rocket grunt will hide in the gym go in it and talk, he will run out and hide on the golden bridge battle.