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  • May 10, 2017 Your blog is the backbone of your online content marketing strategy—or at least, it should be. It's the sticking point for new visitors, a conduit for .May 9, 2016 How long has it been since you went through the archives on your blog and updated old posts? You'll be surprised at what you might.Jan 5, 2019 We often get so busy writing new blog posts, that we miss editing and updating old posts. Here are reasons why a blogger should always edit .Have you ever heard someone say this: “If you don't update your blog daily, there's no reason for people to visit it.” To that, I say “Ha!” In reality, as a blogger .Sep 9, 2013 Learn how to extend the life of your blog content by updating and republishing outdated blog posts.Mar 2, 2018 The “2nd page SEO strategy” can be an AMAZING way to update old blog posts in attempt to gain SEO rankings. And NO, it's NOT just “adding .If you're not driving traffic to your old blog posts, you are slashing your ROI Update the title and meta description for every query in the list, then track the .Mar 29, 2018 If you've been blogging for a while and have an archive of old posts saved up, you are practically sitting on a gold mine of potential traffic.Want to increase blog traffic? The best way to do it is to make use of all those posts in your archives. These 9 tips are proven.

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